I just love this band. Out of Greenwood, SC (the strangest place in America) with an intense, raw, and visceral sound sure to have you nodding your head and shaking your hips a little. Just a little... have a sense of decorum, will you!?


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023 - Drowned Out

Pull up a chair; sit on the floor. Now put on your headphones and check out this latest episode featuring Drowned Out, from Boiling Springs, SC. The 90s kid in me loves their grungy sound, so if you like bands like Bush or Toadies... this is gonna be your jam.
Essential Linkage:



022 - Psycho Psycho

Psycho Psycho creates a fun but straightforward driving punk sound fueled by years of friendship and very little sleep. Check them out on this episode and by visiting their facebook and bandcamp- http://psychopsycho.bandcamp.com/ and http://facebook.com/psychopsychosc

Find the social media for this show at http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

021 - Sh** Karate

Imagine some inspirational, triumphant post-rock instrumental movie score. Now strip it down and beat the dog crap out of it until it mauls you to within an inch of your life. That is this band. It's Sh*t Karate on episode 21 of the Hoodoo Music Podcast. Check them out on facebook- http://facebook.com/shit-karate-1470872943207316 and follow all of the social media for this show at http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

020 - Tom Angst

Another part of the Pablo Generation. Fantastic musical chemistry in this one and their friendship beyond the confines of a practice room or a stage is something to admire. I like Tom Angst a lot, and I think you will too.
http://tomangst.bandcamp.com http://facebook.com/tomangstband


019 - Sparrow's Point

Sparrow's Point (that apostrophe is important) is one of the younger bands on the Greenville scene, with the kind of talent and work ethic that makes me think they'll be around for a while. Check them out at http://facebook.com/sparrowspointband and see a video from this session at http://bit.ly/hoodootube

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018 - Beach Bug

Join us on this episode for a performance from 2/3rds of Beach Bug- a thrashy punk band from Greenville. Mike talks a bit about writing from the heart about things he doesn't even realize that he's thinking. This is a fun one. Check them out at http://beachbug.bandcamp.com and http://facebook.com/beachbugband
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017 - Fahr and Tapp

These guys have been playing music in the upstate separately for years, but they have now joined forces to create some excellent pop music. I hope everyone enjoys this episode with John Fahr and Daniel Tapp as much as I did. Check them out on Spotify, at http://facebook.com/fahrandtapp and http://fahrandtapp.bandcamp.com and as always, follow this show and all of its media at http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

016 - Ty Graves

First hip hop artist on the show. Ty Graves is all about bring fun back to rap- bragging about skill and not possessions. He also freestyled over the show outro, so listen all the way to the end for that! Check him out: http://reverbnation.com/tygraves & http://facebook.com/therealtygraves - subscribe to this show and all its media by visiting http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

015 - Coneja Blanca

These dudes work hard to craft a sound that is loud, aggressive, and impossible to ignore. Coneja Blanca is a 3-piece band from Greenville, SC, and may soon be in a city near you. Don't miss it. Follow them on instagram @_conejablanca_ and at http://facebook.com/conejablanca444 and at http://conejablanca.bandcamp.com - This show and its social media can be followed at http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

014 - Wasted Wine

Wasted Wine is one of the most musically complicated bands I have had the pleasure of recording to date. They write strange, dark, and sometimes funny songs with intricate instrumentation. They play with an almost furious lightheartedness. I can't recommend them more. Head to http://wastedwine.com for more info. Follow this show's social media by visiting http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast and watch videos for this and other episodes at http://bit.ly/hoodootube

013 - Italo and the Passions

You want some gritty southern-fried rock n' roll? Here it is. Enjoy. Italo and the Passions are a tight-knit group of friends with deep, intertwined musical roots. The songs they play reflect upon them- they like a good time and know how to have one. Check them out online: http://Italoandthepassions.bandcamp.com or http://facebook.com/italoandthepassions - Check out the video I shot with them at http://bit.ly/hoodootube and find links to this show's socialmedia at http://yolo420.com/localbandswag

012 - Thomas LaVine

I first met Tom LaVine when I recorded a band he drummed for maaaany years ago. He's a funny dude and a passionate musician; talented as both a performer and a songwriter. This episode is an acoustic performance, but his fully arranged album "Of My Memories" is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Find him on facebook at http://facebook.com/thomaslavinemusic . You can see a video from this episode at bit.ly/hoodootube and you can follow all of this show's media at bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast or yolo420.com/localbandswag

011 - Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver brought something unexpected: an experimental take on Folky Rock. Their songwriting and arrangement is dynamic and their collective musicianship is a high performance engine. As a unit, they are a close-knit trio; fraternal chemistry despite only being two-thirds brothers by blood.

Check them out: http://brotheroliver.com You can find their music on Spotify, iTunes, and more. Follow their facebook page for shows and new material!

Follow this show! http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

BONUS EP 001 - Second to None, Alex Hunnicutt, Total Astronaut

This show contains a few bonus tracks that didn't make it on to previous episodes. ALSO- A rundown of February shows in the upstate at Radio Room, The Soundbox Tavern, and The Spinning Jenny. http://facebook.com/secondtononerocks http://facebook.com/alhunnicuttmusic http://facebook.com/totalastronautband http://radioroomgreenville.com http://thespinningjennygreer.com http://facebook.com/soundboxtavern http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast http://bit.ly/hoodootube

010 - Rigor Morris

Rigor Morris joins us for this episode, sharing her Spooky brand of Soul. It's a fun time and a great listen- her piano playing compliments her jazzy singing style quite well. Check her out: http://facebook.com/therigormorris and don't forget to visit bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast for all of this show's social media.

009 - Solarist

Solarist is a modern Rock trio in the Piedmont/Anderson area. On this episode, they bring us an acoustic set and some great conversation- some honesty and some levity, it's a fun episode. Let the sun shine in to that dark soul of yours and check them out at http://contactsolarist.com & of course, don't forget to check this show out at http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

008 - The Apartment Club

The Apartment Club is an indie rock quartet out of Spartanburg, SC. I sat down with them to talk about their background, and we ended up having a great time. Check them out at http://facebook.com/theaptclub and watch a video from this session at http://bit.ly/hoodootube

007 - The Guilty Remnant

The Guilty Remnant is a band of brothers. Well, cousins. And a close friend. They write from the heart with a desire to create a sound that is diverse and dynamic. Check them out:

See a live video of them at http://bit.ly/hoodootube

More info about this show at bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

006 - Total Astronaut

This is the longest episode yet! Total Astronaut has a tight Alt Rock sound with slightly jazzy sensibilities. They are another great example of the close friendship/musical chemistry equation that delivers an enjoyable listening experience. Check them out at http://facebook.com/totalastronautband