005 - Alex Hunnicutt

Alex Hunnicutt is a 25 year old guitarist and songwriter. He shares his groovy blues-influenced stylings with us on this episode.




Note: This is episode 5, not episode 4, but I apparently could not remember that at the time of recording. Sometimes I have the dumb.

004 - Second to None

Second to None is an active rock/modern rock band here in the upstate. Their kindred spirits drive their connection as a band; and their collective sense of humor as a group of dudes kickin' back with some drinks. This episode is not kid-friendly.



002 - Gray Lee

Gray Lee writes beautiful songs about terrible things. He tells stories with his music, and now he's taking the time to share those stories with us.
This episode was supposed to feature the band Silvermane, but that will be delayed two weeks due to some audio problems.

001 - Jacob Johnson

The very first episode of The Hoodoo Music Podcast! Jacob Johnson is my guest- he plays a few original tunes for us and talks a little bit about songwriting and his love of the guitar. Find Jake online at http://jacobjohnsontunes.com and follow links to social media.
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