037 - Honeyfitz

Elihu Jones, aka Honeyfitz, is not related to me in any way as far as I know so this isn't nepotism. Just stop it.
Now that that's out of the way, this falls under the category of one of my favorite episodes. Elihu does some impressive loopwork that translates from recording to live performance in an incredible way. Don't miss this one. Follow all of his stuff by visiting http://honeyfitz.us
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036 - Christopher Ryan

Christopher Ryan is a singer and songwriter with a passion for rhythm. Armed with his instruments and his looping rig, he creates some accessible folk tunes and even a little hip-hop. Check him out: http://christopherryanmusic.com - You can find ways to keep up with and support this show at http://bit.ly/localbandpod

035 - Pool Kids

Oh man, what a fantastic band. I caught them on their way home on tour. Keep an eye out, because the upstate made them feel welcome, and they will be back. Please please PLEASE check out their bandcamp and follow them on social media- http://poolkidsband.bandcamp.com
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034 - Morgan of the Pines

Tried to get these dudes on the show a year ago. Schedule issues prevented that. Got em' now though. Check out this dark, southern gothic folk. It's a spooky good time.
Check them out- http://morganofthepines.net
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033 - Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another great Pablo Generation project. This music is so chill- I personally describe it as a "soundtrack to falling in love." Check them out at http://papercoveredwalls.bandcamp.com - Follow and support this show at http://bit.ly/localbandpod

031 - Insideout and Backwards

These kids have talent and heart. I'm mentally exhausted so I don't have many more words today. But check them out and let their sound tell you everything you need to know. You can hear them in this episode and at http://insideoutandbackwards.bandcamp.com

030 - Finding Freedom

Finding Freedom believes that "Genre is a Social Construct." They like the freedom to experiment musically, and they do it well. These guys are also super nice.

029 - J.S. Terry

Jonah (J.S. Terry) is a good dude. Approachable, funny, and a down-to-earth songwriter. He and several other members of the Pablo Generation appear in this episode to perform some beautiful renditions of his songs.
Check him out: http://jsterry.bandcamp.com and http://pablogeneration.bandcamp.com
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028 - Hugger Mugger

Their sound is unclassifiable beyond maybe "electro dance rock" but it's heavy and driving. I had a fun evening hanging out with Hugger Mugger and tapping my foot along to the beat like I'm some kind of old fart who taps his foot to the beat (I am).
You can check them out at http://facebook.com/huggermuggerband and on bandcamp at http://huggermugger1.bandcamp.com

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027 - Apricot Blush

OH MAN I am so excited about this episode. Apricot Blush is another wonderful Pablo Generation band. They play a stripped down session for this episode and we had a lot of fun. Check them out! http://apricotblush.bandcamp.com and http://facebook.com/apricotblush.music

Shouts out!
Pablo Sampler


Why We Play

Julie’s Infinite Playlist

No One Likes Your Band

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BONUS EP 002 - Italo and the Passions, Wasted Wine, Beach Bug, Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess, PLUS interview with Andrew Verdecchio of Five Iron Frenzy

This episode features extra tracks from my sessions with Italo and the Passions, Wasted Wine, Beach Bug, and Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess. It also features an interview with Andrew Verdecchio of Five Iron Frenzy about his new book, October, available at http://ink-and-tea.com
Italo and the Passions: https://italoandthepassions.bandcamp.com
Wasted Wine: http://wastedwine.com
Beach Bug: http://beachbug.bandcamp.com
Horrible Girl: http://horriblegirl.bandcamp.com
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026 - Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess

Kittens, Caffeine, and Smashing the Patriarchy. You're in for a fun time with this episode. Amy Horrible Girl, Shelby Switchblade, and Wayno Raydeeo talk about touring, DIY merch, and tempered writing-frenzies.
Check them out: http://horriblegirl.bandcamp.com
Everything related to this show: http://bit.ly/localbandpod
Shouts out to Italo and the Passions, HOTSALT, Elephant Jake, and Thunderbite in this episode.


025 - Stuyedeyed

This is the first touring band to appear on the show! They were in town a little while back playing with Brother Oliver and Banditos, and they were kind enough to sit down to a session with little ol' me. I enjoy this sound. It's... hard to pin down... But great! If you're ever in Brooklyn, or if they're ever playing near you, go see them. Check them out: http://www.stuyedeyed.com
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I just love this band. Out of Greenwood, SC (the strangest place in America) with an intense, raw, and visceral sound sure to have you nodding your head and shaking your hips a little. Just a little... have a sense of decorum, will you!?


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023 - Drowned Out

Pull up a chair; sit on the floor. Now put on your headphones and check out this latest episode featuring Drowned Out, from Boiling Springs, SC. The 90s kid in me loves their grungy sound, so if you like bands like Bush or Toadies... this is gonna be your jam.
Essential Linkage:



022 - Psycho Psycho

Psycho Psycho creates a fun but straightforward driving punk sound fueled by years of friendship and very little sleep. Check them out on this episode and by visiting their facebook and bandcamp- http://psychopsycho.bandcamp.com/ and http://facebook.com/psychopsychosc

Find the social media for this show at http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

021 - Sh** Karate

Imagine some inspirational, triumphant post-rock instrumental movie score. Now strip it down and beat the dog crap out of it until it mauls you to within an inch of your life. That is this band. It's Sh*t Karate on episode 21 of the Hoodoo Music Podcast. Check them out on facebook- http://facebook.com/shit-karate-1470872943207316 and follow all of the social media for this show at http://bit.ly/hoodoomusicpodcast

020 - Tom Angst

Another part of the Pablo Generation. Fantastic musical chemistry in this one and their friendship beyond the confines of a practice room or a stage is something to admire. I like Tom Angst a lot, and I think you will too.
http://tomangst.bandcamp.com http://facebook.com/tomangstband


019 - Sparrow's Point

Sparrow's Point (that apostrophe is important) is one of the younger bands on the Greenville scene, with the kind of talent and work ethic that makes me think they'll be around for a while. Check them out at http://facebook.com/sparrowspointband and see a video from this session at http://bit.ly/hoodootube

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